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BBEST Hall of Fame

Here at BBEST we love to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our wonderful staff. We hear many stories of BBEST staff going above and beyond in their roles.

We have created this Hall of Fame to acknowledge the very special members of staff from our BBEST schools. 

December 2023 Nominations

This half term we celebrate the achievements of Steve Dobson (UBHS), Huda Khan (Community Space Administrator, The Fields), Luisa Lang (Headteacher, Healey and BBEST Chair), Clare Hobson, Tracey Denby and Sarah Laycock (UBHS), Angie Garside (Attendance Officer, UBHS), Kim Bradshaw (Headteacher, Manorfield), Susy Ingle (AHT Send, BGHS),  Chloe Llewellyn (Send TA, BGHS), Sally (Caretaker, BGHS), Jeanette Dent, Terri Halliday, Steve Dobson (The Bee Team, UBHS), Sam Rodwell (Music Leader, UBHS),  Liam (Gardner, Field Lane and Manorfield), Rachel Morton (SENDCO, Hyrstmount),  Kate Ellis (Manorfield), Emily Brooke (BGHS), Streetbikes.

Hall of Fame 2023