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Partnership Intelligence Portal

We have been asked to support local policing efforts by joining the Partnership Intelligence Portal. 

This is an initiative where concerns/ information can be reported to the police in a secure fashion for them to add to their understanding of the area and inform policing decisions.  Schools are regarded as being central to communities and often, know more about the local community through their families than police officers.


Crime vs Intelligence

  • A Crime that is ongoing, has occurred or is going to occur must be reported via 999 or 101.
  • Examples of crimes which are being submitted through the Portal – Assault, Threats (threat to kill/injure) Neglect, Criminal damage, Possession of Indecent Images… Incidents such as these need to be reported as a crime.
  • If a crime has been reported, there is no requirement to submit the same information via the Portal.
  • If you inform a member of the Police, ie a Police Schools Officer, PCSO, Neighbourhood Officer of these incidents, they should be recording these on your behalf. That includes intelligence!

What is Intelligence?

  • Information received from a variety of sources to support Local and National Criminal investigations.
  • Intelligence can come from a variety of sources; members of the public, Victims, Witnesses, Suspects, Community sources, Partner Agencies and Specialist Police Operatives.
  • Intelligence builds a picture around subjects and criminality.
  • Assists with risk assessments – both for the Police and external agencies.
  • Identifies risk groups / risk areas/ risk events.
  • Intelligence will have undergone an evaluation process to assess its worth


Examples of intelligence that could be shared through the portal:


- It is suspected that JOHN-PAUL JONES regularly carries a knife on his person.

- There are two new ‘gangs’ in Kirklees who are rivals. One is called the “ABC GANG” the other is called the “XYZ GANG”. It is suspected that ALAN SMITH is the leader of a gang that is involved in drug dealing in Kirklees called the “GLASS GANG”. Members of the “XYZ gang” are dealing on behalf of SMITH. Members of the “ABC” are actively asking young people to deliver drugs on their behalf. It is suspected that members of the “ABC Gang” tried to ‘recruit’ members of the “XYZ Gang”, but this has been refused causing issues between the two groups. The “XYZ gang” have recently recorded a ‘drill video’.

- It is suspected that JOHN-PAUL JONES is a member of the “XYZ gang in Kirklees”.


To join the portal - use the following 

Partnership Intelligence Portal - Account Request Form

Welcome to the West Yorkshire Police Partnership Intelligence Portal Account Registration Form. This form allows organisations to apply for access to the West Yorkshire Police Partnership Intelligence Reporting Portal.

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